Mape' (Management Appliance for Power and Environment)
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HyPass Systems developed a MAPe' (Management Appliance for Power and Environment) platform to provide power line monitoring and environmental surveillance over standard TCP/IP networks as well as alternative networks like GPRS/GSM. It can take care of all these issues related to data center power monitoring and environmental conditions at local or remote sites. MAPe’ is an appliance that is fully customizable and can be easily tailored to meet almost any kind of requirements from our valued clients. To-date there is no single product available in the market that can meet both the power and the environmental needs of the organizations at the same time.

  • Monitoring & control
  • Web Interface
  • Battery Backup
  • SNMP V1&2
  • System heart beat
  • Main power monitoring, presence, voltage, current etc
  • UPS monitoring, battery status etc
  • DG Set monitoring
  • Fuel tank monitoring
  • ATS panel, switch over status etc
  • Temperatur Monitoring
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Fire/Smoke monitoring
  • Intended or Unintended monitoring

Power management is one of the crucial elements in any network. HyPass Systems can help you to study your power and environmental alarm needs and suggests you the appropriate solution to make your network up and running at all the time. We can also help you terminate all these alarms to your existing NOC platform.

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